Deciding Your Daily Calorie Intake

There are many recommended and published calorie tables for men and women. But the problem with these table tables is that they all have a number of associated variables like activity levels, age, and factors such as pregnancy and lactation. This makes it difficult to apply these tables to one’s personal situation.

But it is not always necessary to follow these complicated tables. There is a more accurate procedure by which you can determine the number of calories you require in a day. Though this method is tedious it will definitely be beneficial.

The first step involves determining your present weight. Now that you know your weight you need to go about counting the calories in everything that you eat. This can be done by using the nutritional resources available in the brochures provided by various restaurants and magazines.

After counting your calorie intake for a period of time you will have to weight yourself again. Remember that the weighing should take place under the same weighing conditions as before (like after waking up in the morning or in the nude).

The next step might require using a calculator. Let us assume your calorie records show that you have consumed 74,250 calories over a period of 30 days and this has resulted in an increase in your weight by 1-1/2 pounds. This implies that you have consumed 5,250 calories more than what you required. This was determined by following the formula 1 pound equals 3,500 calories thus 1.5 pounds equals 5,250 calories.

When you subtract 5,250 from 74,250 you are left with 69,000 calories. This was the amount you should have ideally consumed. Now when you divide 69,000 calories by 30 the amount you get is 2,300 calories. This is what you should aim at consuming if you are looking to maintain your weight. To loose one pound a week you will have to reduce this amount by 500 calories.

You must remember the accuracy of this method depends entirely on how long you monitor your calorie intake. A period of 30 days would be ideal, however a shorter period can also be used.

It may not be easy for you to reduce your calorie intake while you are starting off with your weight loss program. So you can also take the help of appetite suppressants likePhentermine and Adipex. There is nothing wrong in using these diet drugs and they will help you control your cravings for food easily. So while you are on a Phentermine weight loss program you’ll manage to be satisfied even by eating smaller amounts. If you adopt a weight loss program that includes exercise and behavior modification then it will further boost your weight loss attempts. Phentermine will help you control your calorie intake while exercise and behavior modification will help you burn the existing excess calories.