Can kratom abuse cause erectile dysfunction in men?

People see kratom as the perfect antidote for alcohol withdrawal and opioid addiction. They also use it as an energy booster, mood enhancer and pain treatment. But kratom is not the "holy grail" you envision. Kratom abuse can have serious repercussions on your sexual health and cause erectile dysfunction in men, even in adults as young as 30. The problem is that not everyone fully understands the impact of the kratom plant, including what it can do to the human body.

What does kratom do to the brain?

When ingested, kratom can have similar effects to stimulants and opioids. Its main properties that interact with opioid receptors in the brain come from the two most potent compounds in the leaves (hydroxymitragynine and mitragynine). When taken in smaller amounts, the substance can increase alertness, sociability and energy. However, it can be dangerous to health if taken in higher doses. For more information, visit:

What does Kratom abuse do to the body?

Low doses provide the body with a quick focus and energy boost, while higher doses are intended to relieve pain and have an opioid-like effect. The problem is that once you start taking higher doses, you expose the body to potential side effects.
The substance can cause a range of different side effects, such as increased kidney toxicity, increased blood pressure, increased chances of liver failure, impaired cognition, etc. Another important side effect of kratom abuse is its addictive capabilities.