Did Coca-Cola invent Santa Claus?

At almost every family dinner during the Christmas season, there is always someone who will tell you that Coca-Cola is at the origin of Santa Claus. So, in the mind of many people, Santa Claus is a character that was created only for marketing purposes.

Did you know Santa Claus was green?

Over the years, the one who is known among children as the most generous man who can exist has not always been as we imagine him today learn more about Christmas here christmas-pictures.net. Indeed, at the origin, Santa Claus was green, yes green. With time, it has been influenced by numerous cultures and has evolved a lot it has at first, as previously stated, green but before becoming red it then became brown, and then blue. And even at a time, Santa Claus was not red but blue then it turned into orange and during a time Santa Claus had been badly seen and considered as pagan. Santa Claus as we know him today received indeed a little help from Coca-Cola which thanks to an advertisement has conferred the red color of its drinks to the old bearded man. Since then the color has remained so that yes, the current color of Santa Claus comes from Coca-Cola, but Santa Claus was born much earlier.

Santa Claus former bishop?

Indeed, Santa Claus was born thanks to this bishop of Myre named Saint-Nicolas who made a lot for his community. His name will cross the centuries until the 17th century when an American pastor will give birth to Santa Claus. From there the character of the father will be built little by little. Coca-Cola would play a great role to infuse the culture of Santa Claus in our minds, but he is not at the origin of this character so loved by the youngest.