How to take Kratom and its effectiveness?

In this article we will explain how you can use Kratom and what the benefits are. When using the powder, psychotropic effects are observed. They manifest themselves in different ways. This indicator depends on the method of using the substance, the place of growth of the plant, the time of collecting the leaves and the individual characteristics of a person.

How to use dry leaves

In most cases, Kratom is used as dried leaves, ground into a powder. Go here for more details . The powder form is also useful in another sense. This means the possibility of selecting a dosage according to a person's individual characteristics. Common methods of using dried plant leaves include:
Infusing the leaves as a tea: to improve the taste, lemon juice, honey and sugar are added to the drink,
Taking the powder inside: to eliminate the bitter taste, Kratom is mixed with yogurt and applesauce,
Combination option: to improve the effect, Kratom is combined with other substances.
After drinking the tea or powder, the valuable properties of Kratom appear within 15 to 30 minutes. After an hour, the effect reaches its maximum values and remains at this level for several hours. The effect then slowly diminishes. When a person uses high doses of a psychoactive substance, the properties of the plant appear on the second day.

What determines the effect of Kratom?

The strength of the effect of Kratom depends directly on the dosage. Experts are convinced that when the powder is consumed in small doses (3 to 5 grams), the plant exhibits its stimulating properties. When the dose is reached (8 to 10 grams), the substance acts on the body in the form of a relaxant and painkiller. When taken in small doses, Kratom has other properties:
Beneficial effects on the male body: the plant is used as an aphrodisiac,
Strengthening of immunity: by drinking the tea and powder, the body's defences are improved,
Elimination of depression: a good mood and positive emotions appear.