Infographic: 3 tips for successful Instagram photos

Instagram is now part of the most used social networks in the world. Many people use it to create content, share their days with their followers, etc. On this network, you will have to post photos. To make your photos look better and attract people, you will probably need some tips. Here are some tips for you to make your Instagram photos successful.

Use Instagram filters

On Instagram, you have at your disposal several filters that can allow you to have impressive and very successful photos. You yourself will be surprised at the results you will get by using the filters. For example, the instagram filter allow you to get a more natural and soft light. As you know, light plays a very important role in the success of your photos. With the filters, you will not have to worry anymore. 

On Instagram, you will find two types of filters: those used before publishing a photo on your wall and those used for photo stories. Depending on your goals, the quality of the photo and the environment you are in, choose your filter for a successful photo.

Opt for the 1/3 rule

In photography, there are several rules for successful photos. On Instagram, for example, it is recommended to apply the 1/3 rule for your photos. This means that you make sure that the subject of your photo only occupies one third of the space. In fact, an image is more touching when the subject is not the central point. By adopting this rule, you will achieve this goal.

Use a pro camera

The quality of the photo is very important for a successful final image. So you need to make sure that the camera you use can provide you with a very good quality image. If your phone's camera doesn't offer a really high resolution, use a digital camera with at least 16 Mpixel. These cameras are able to provide you with good quality photos that you can put afterwards on Instagram thanks to the many tools that allow you to do this from your computer.