What are the characteristics of a good laptop battery?

Choosing a battery for your laptop must mean making the best choice. This will guarantee a good autonomy for your tool and therefore will greatly facilitate the use. In fact, the capacity of the battery, its voltage and its original reference are all elements to consider when choosing a battery.

The capacity of a better battery

An optimal battery must meet the energy needs of the computer for which it will be used.  Generally, batteries with 4400mAh (48Wh) such as the battery for laptop compaq mini are the most popular batteries for computers. These 6-cell batteries have a voltage of 10.8V.  But be aware that 4400 mah batteries are not the strongest in terms of capacity.  The autonomy of the computer varies from one user to another. For some people, 2.5 hours of battery life may be good, while others may want more than 5 hours. If you want more than 2.5 hours of battery life for your tool, the 6600 mah, 9-cell or 8800 mah, 12-cell batteries are best. Since the autonomy of the computer will depend on the mah/wh value of the battery that feeds it, the higher the capacity of the battery the longer it will last in the computer.  Therefore, it is recommended to know the power requirement of each computer before choosing a battery for it.

The right voltage for a laptop

The capacity of the battery is not the only characteristic of a good battery. You can also pay attention to the voltage when choosing a battery. A 6-cell battery has a voltage of 10.8V. This battery usually lasts 2.5 hours in a computer that requires 20 watts of power. A 14.4V battery has 8 cells. This would naturally be better than a 10.8v in a laptop with a power requirement of 20 watts. The compatibility of a battery with a laptop also depends on its voltage.   In addition, the original part number can also influence the quality of your battery. The part number is an individual code that is located on the battery's cell. It consists of both numbers and letters and differs depending on the manufacturer.  You will always see the original reference of a battery on the identification sticker when you remove it from the laptop. The country of manufacture and the hazard indicators also affect the quality of the battery.