What to know about Visa?

To enter in a foreign country, it is necessary to obtain an authorization from the authorities of that country.  In most cases, this authorization takes the form of a visa.  So, what do you need to know about the Visa?

 What is a Visa?

The visa is a document that certifies that you have the authorization to legally enter a foreign country.  It usually takes the form of a sticker or stamp that is affixed directly to the passport.  The Visa also allows you to provide information on the duration of your stay in this foreign country.

The different types of visa

There are two main categories of Visa: long stay visas and short stay visas.  Short-stay visas are generally issued for tourism or business purposes.  In the event that your home country has certain agreements with your future host country, you may benefit from certain visa waiver programs such as ETIAS.  For more information, visit etias-visas.com.  Long-stay visas are intended for people wishing to work or study abroad.  By obtaining this type of visa, you become a permanent resident of the host country.

 How to get a Visa?

The procedure for obtaining a Visa for a short or a long stay depends mainly on the country.  Indeed, it is much easier to obtain the Visa in some countries than in others.  However, to apply for a visa, you must necessarily go to the embassy or consulate of the host country.  You will be able to collect the necessary information there in order to put together your visa application file.

In which case is a visa needed?

You can apply for a visa in many cases.  If, for example, you wish to make a short stay for tourist, commercial or educational purposes (language stay and exchange of experience).  You can also apply for a visa if you wish to reside permanently in a foreign country, whether to work or study there.

The visa is therefore quite simply the sesame which allows you to set foot on the floor of a foreign country, and this, in all legality.